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  1. سلام من یه اسکریپت دارم که مراحل نصبش در فایل "رید می "هست ولی من که سر در نیاوردم ------------------------------------------Readme.txt-------------------------------------------- [align=left:bcf87c0cf6]Step 1: Open .cgi files Step 2: Adjust the first line (path to perl) of each file to match your system settings The most common paths to perl are: #!/usr/bin/perl OR #!/usr/local/bin/perl Step 3: Upload all .txt and .cgi files in ASCII mode Step 4: CHMOD all .txt to 777 and the /cgi-bin/modules folder to 644 Step 5: CHMOD all .cgi files to 755 Step 6: Upload all graphic files(these would be in the images directory) in Binary mode Step 7: Create a MySQL database and record the name, username, and password of this database Step 8: Run create.sql in a program like phpMyAdmin in order to create the tables Step 9: Open /cgi-bin/modules/conf.pm and replace "YourDataBaseName", "Username", and "Password" with your respective info from step 7 Step 10: Upload modules/conf.pm in ASCII mode Step 11: Open /search/lib/globals.inc and replace all of the MySQL Database info with your specific info. Upload. Step 12: Go to www.yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/admin.cgi (password = password) and press settings. Edit the preferences, affiliate feeds, and payments settings. You're done[/align:bcf87c0cf6]! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- میشه کمک کنید که باید در هر مرحله چکار کنم :?: :?:
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  4. چرا فارسی نمی کنید خیلی اسکریپت خوبیه جون میده برایه فارسی سازی :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: