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[align=left:3609b3f5b8]If you want to send professional newsletters to your subscribers FS mailing list manager is the answer for you. We guarantee the best mailing list manager you could ever wished for. Key features include: Email templates • Newsletter editor• Advanced reports and charts to help you track and analyze your campaign results (which are very important for your marketing plan success)• A scheduler (to send your weekly/monthly newsletters on time)• Subscription forms builder • Detailed message personalization• Bounced email filtering (rids lists of invalid email addresses)• Ability to send multiple attachments with each message• Unlimited number of subscribers and mailing lists • ability to send Text/HTML messages •Customizable appearance, and more. FS Mailer is also affordable, unlike many other similar tools which are mostly double our price for the same (or sometimes fewer) features. Try our free demo or watch our video to see why so many users choose FS Mailer for their email campaigns.[/align:3609b3f5b8]

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