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[align=left:094dcac7f9]VERSION 4 NOW AVAILABLE! This release introduces a brand new, streamlined interface, extended plugin support, superior reporting, and more! SonicMailer Pro is your #1 solution for email marketing or managing your mailing list and newsletters. Other features include: installs in under 5 minutes, multiple administrator accounts, multiple mailing lists, powerful & fast sending engine, ability to save messages for later, create filters to segment your list, advanced reporting, automatic bounce management, autoresponders, Text+HTML messages, custom subscriber fields, and so much more! Current plugins include: POP Actions - subscribe & unsubscribe via email; Send Scheduler - Create your emails later and have them automatically send at a specified date/time; SpamCheck - Instantly get a spam report on your message before you send it! Helps tailor your emails to avoid being marked as spam.[/align:094dcac7f9]

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