Flash PHP Script Ultimate Gallery V2

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Flash PHP Script Ultimate Gallery V2

Flash Script: Ultimate Gallery V2 | PHP + FLA + SWF + JS + XML | 12.4 MB

- XML powered gallery absolutely resizable with category selection, zoom and image panning

- Extremely versatile file

- 3 types of external file types supported: jpg, flv and swf

- Long text Module included (with mouse scrolling included).

- Info Module included. Perfect to display clients, services, news, etc…

- Contact Module included (requires PHP on your web server).

- Complete FLV Video Player included

- Complete MP3 Music Player included

- Category buttons, thumbnails, items, descriptions and tooltips obtained from a XML file

- Uses FLASH 8 bitmap data to display images. This makes images look much better when they are resized

- Zoom options: fit screen, 50%, 100%, 200% and 300% of image size

- Fullscreen option;

- HTML file to embed properly included

- Tooltips when mouse is over a thumbnail

- 100% resizable

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