Mega File Hosting Script 1.2

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[align=left:07b3d9f5ca]Mega File Hosting Script(MFHS) is an advanced File Hosting and Sharing Script that allows your customers to upload large files to your server and email the file download link to themselves and other email recipients. With MFHS, you can setup an advanced file hosting and sharing site within minutes and earn profits through showing advertisements on your site, and even on download pages. MFHS was Built to Handle Large files and is designed to be of minimal burden on your server. MFHS has been rigorously tested and designed to handle brutal file sizes and endure lengthy uploading periods without breaking. This alone sets MFHS world's apart from any competing script. MFHS provides a number of unique features,including Multi Server Balancing, and an Advanced Download Manager. MFHS comes E-Commerce Ready with PayPal Integration and plenty of tools such as FAQs & Newsletter Managers to get new customers - and keep them. MFHS has been oriented towards Generating Revenue for it's webmasters.[/align:07b3d9f5ca]

[align=left:07b3d9f5ca]Final version released. All bugs and errors are fixed.

All errors and bugs have been fixed. Recovered the original menu of mfhs.

Now you can edit and translate languages from admin.

Many other improvements and code optimization have been done.

For existing installations, delete your admin folder and upload the new from the archive.[/align:07b3d9f5ca]

[align=left:07b3d9f5ca]Upload these files in Binary mode:

admin_img.php, admin_user.php, admin_points.php, admin_dlhistory.php, admin_dlsessions.php[/align:07b3d9f5ca]

[align=left:07b3d9f5ca]Words from LepeNU

I have dezended and nulled the mfhs 1.2 - 100% removed all callbacks.

I have recoded the admin/index.php file from the mfhs 1.0 because the original is coded with zend and phpcipher which is impossible to be decoded.

I have constructed new menu and custom functions and some new icons.

All works fine. Please download and test. Post all bugs here.

No need of serials. All keycode strings and callbacks to yabsoft's server, have been removed from all files[/align:07b3d9f5ca]


محتوای مخفی

    برای مشاهده لینک ها می بایست در وب سایت عضو باشید!

Admin Demo:

محتوای مخفی

    برای مشاهده لینک ها می بایست در وب سایت عضو باشید!

Frontend Demo:

محتوای مخفی

    برای مشاهده لینک ها می بایست در وب سایت عضو باشید!

Admin Login: demo/demo [/align:07b3d9f5ca]

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