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[align=left:83cfe9e742]Need to serve Pay-per-Click Ads? Want to pull feeds in many formats from top providers? Building a search engine a la Google with your very own spider? SmartPPC PRO is for you! A full-featured META search engine script, with a number of unique features, which makes it ideal for a wide range of applications -Too many to list! SmartPPC PRO is comprised of several modules and is fully customizable. A) An indexing mechanism crawling servers of your choice, grabbing pages and storing meta-data. B) PPC modules including an Affiliate program with Feeds wizards, co-brand, referrals, toolbar, etc Advertiser campaigns allow for listings, boxes, banners, etc; Directories; Security settings based on: country, IP, proxy, BOT, click interval, referrer, etc; Template system + WYSIWYG; 80+ XML feeds; Deposit/Withdraw through more that 14 Payment Systems, etc. SmartPPC PRO is supported and customizable by OrbitScripts to provide the best solution! For diagrams of schema please visit

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